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How is the place where Solapeña is?

The house, built from a century-old block, is located in Pallide, a town Porma Valley Regional Park within the Picos de Europa, in an environment of meadows, forests and majestic limestone mountains, among which the complex Mampodre glacier, with heights above 2,000 meters and the stunning gorges of Valdeteja, around which are visited Valporquero caves.

Visible from the same house stand Susarón peen, the Pintas rock and all the spectacular Picos de Europa. Among the highlights forests protected Pardomino complex, grouse habitat and grizzly bear.

The valley consists of many small charming towns, encased in deep valleys, villages built in stone, carefully preserved and surrounded by forests: Lois with its cathedral, Nuevo Riaño the edge of the swamp, Puebla de Lillo with its medieval tower, Cain and Valdeónvillages that give access to the route of the CaresMaraña, Caldas de San Adrián with its spa, with its hot springs Boñar. And so hundreds of wonderful people.

Pallide view
Picos de Europa


The tower of Lillo Valdeón The route of Cares
The tower of Lillo Valdeón The route of Cares


Pallide is located just 500 meters from the swamp of Porma and 10 km from both Riaño reservoir surrounded by spectacular scenery. Fifteen kilometers from the ski resorts of San Isidro and Fuentes de Invierno, all equipped with complete services and hotel and entertainment systems. About 23 km is Leitariegos station. At that distance you are projecting the future station of San Glorio.

In addition to the two reservoirs, we can visit, with marked routes, two glacial lakes in Isoba (ten kilometers) and 80 kilometers is Gijón and beaches, passing through the port of San Isidro and the Asturian valleys or Beyos impressive gorge, and in the principality of Asturias.


The brown bear of Picos de Europa
One of the mushrooms in the valley

The variety of flora including extensive forests of beech, oak and holly, and endless grasslands of high mountain pastures. Highlights some native species as "aguadón whistles" that occur in the valley of the same name, several medicinal species such as oregano, thyme, chamomile, pennyroyal tea and rock, in addition to wild fruits like cranberry, or the medalinas Andrina, blackberries and raspberries.

As regional park, hunting and fishing is regulated. There are plenty of deer, chamois and wild boar and black vulture colonies. Merino sheep transhumance and extensive livestock grazing horses in the parks during the summer and autumn.

The Museum of Wildlife on the banks of the reservoir Porma exposing wildlife worldwide dissected and released. The Mining Museum of Sabero or the Ethnic Museum of Mansilla de las Mulas, are in the environment of the valley. In the restaurant attached to the house is an interesting exhibition of farming tools and instruments typical of the work being undertaken in the area and making bread, butter and wool spinning, as well as objects made of wood, from a large sample of cars passing by watches tables and unique ornaments.


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