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What I can do in Solapeña?

Throughout the year, the future of the seasons mark one of the activities you can do: skiing, hunting, fishing, mushrooming, etc.. But others remain because they are the essence of the place: walking, resting, one on one with nature, relaxation, gastronomy...

  • Hiking. There are several routes conveniently signposted within the Regional Park and many creative possibilities for hiking through spectacular scenery.
  • Hunting and fishing. Are regulated and constrained by the law of the park. Both the trout fishing and small game and most need special permissions.
  • Mycology. There are abundant wild mushrooms. In spring mushroom contains St. George and the milk caps and ticket in the fall.
  • Ski. In the two nearest stations there is a full service ski and snowboard all winter.
  • Mountain bikes. Several routes are open to bicycles to rent for our lodgings.
  • Rafting, canoeing in swamps and river Porma, Valdehuesa climbing, caving in Valporquero. All these activities are regulated and organized by clubs in each.
  • Vela. In the swamp of Porma and Riaño. Construction project is a pier in the Porma larger.
  • Horseback riding, quads and ATVs for rent.


Hiking Skiing Rafting
Hiking Skiers in San Isidro Rafting in the Porma river


You can not miss..

  • Linares path guided by Zara, the dog cocker Inn.
  • The symphony of frogs at dusk on the shores of Lake Isoba.
  • A nap in Entrepeñas where besides enjoying enviable temperatures, you can hear the sound of silence.
  • Contemplate a starry night sky: you can not imagine what awaits you.
  • A trip to the largest forest of hazel in Europe in La Biesca.
  • A drink of water from the spring of Fonfría, after a pleasant stroll.
  • Try the goat or beef jerky or mushroom soup o...
  • Enjoy a panoramic view from the top of the Rock Lende.


Starry night Cecina Swamp of Porma
Starry night in the mountains Cecina from León Porma swamp

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